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"Brazilians are stupid"
140 IQ, 6'2, 8 inches white brazilian here Ama
Sharks = NEXT FURIA?
LUKEN = MEYERN > DRUNKY > JNT >>> EXIT if -EXIT Sharks would become the strongest brazilian squad atm
Which language SHARKS speak?
I would guess portunhol
[18+ REDPILL] Transgenderism
Everyone's just living they're lives. Why do you care? He seems happy, are you against happiness? Lol? Are you so bitter that you get upset when people are happy? Why do you care dude? It doesn't affe...
Thank you Bolsonaro
Thank you Bolsonaro
Yeah, because brazilians didn't own guns before January 2019
Bill Nye the 'politically correct' guy
>Gender does not, and never did, refer to the biological processes that constitute a person's biological sex or sexual development. This is not true. Like Wikipedia itself says, the idea that there i...
Bill Nye the 'politically correct' guy
The idea that there's a "gender" separate from one person's sex is very very recent, you got it backwards. People never really thought about it that way before some delusional social """"scientists"""...
Bill Nye the 'politically correct' guy
Nah, we already knew about things like gay people, transsexuals, transvestites, men who think they are a woman and so on. It wasn't a misunderstanding or an organic shift in perception, it was an idea...
Bill Nye the 'politically correct' guy
The word gender probably didn't even exist back then. I remember learning about gender in the 90s and it meant the same as sex. At some point, gender studies freaks decided gender was something separa...
well this major sucked
It was an amazing major up until the finals Avangar x Astralis was pretty boring indeed
If your country has "hate speech" laws, then it doesn't have freedom of speech That's one of the main reasons why I'm saving 1m USD in order to get a permanent visa and live in the US. BRAZIL IS CUCKE...
Calls to violence and such threats aren't freedom of speech Read Mill
Red Pilled
Jewish people are overrepresented in academia, the media and positions of power Looks matter to women way more than they admit The current environment (both ecologically and socially) has softened and...
gla1ve cringe
Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander is a cool dude