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New knives commands
give weapon_knife_skeleton;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput "classname weapon_knifegg"
Your country's laugh?
just press random letters like this (dont exaggeration) sdjkfskdfkjs SDKJFGDSFSJDFSD jsdjksdjksdjl also; xd :D :p hahaahahah etc.
I guess ur faceit rank !
Rip( its 7-8
Strongest EU army?
Idk what happened in 2008? Can u explain4me? Or is there any word to google it? Im curious
What is love?
Love is bullshit btw Its all about money and power..
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Strongest EU army?
+1 turkey ppl like Greece ppl I think this tension just in politics
Strongest EU army?
Ty mens I already kept it up and I claimed those from the big exam 40/40 questions on math 10/14 on physics 12/13 on chemistry 9/13 on biology Now im studying computer engineering (english) in a good...
Strongest EU army?
Ye i know but i was sleeping or studying geometry in history lessons cuz its boring af Also I do not memorize those verbal lessons
Strongest EU army?
Wtf i have numerical intelligent i dont know about history and about turkish language(( there was a test (to be able to access university) 40 questions turkish language and 40 questions history lesson...
Strongest EU army?
cuz we're #9 even though we dont have any nuclear weapons.. Even iran has nucs..
Strongest EU army?
nT Poland
Strongest EU army?
LuL we are in top 10? w/o any nucs. Im impressed
Strongest EU army?
Triggered 4sure
Strongest EU army?
Wtf u know everything about our plan so we must kill u sorry mens((