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Commenting on galleries removed??
yeah it sucks that the comments got disabled but I also understand the amount of public pressure hltv gets on twitter for example. Let's hope that we can atleast keep our forums
Commenting on galleries removed??
I kinda understand why and so does everyone else who has watched the comments in juliano's pictures for example
Juho should be banned
yeah he does
Most washed pros
meanwhile allu dropping 34 kills against heroic
What is Your Talent? (very interesting thread)
I didn't realize you were italy or greece
Naruto or dbz?
dbz for me since I haven't watched naruto. I know that dbz isn't objectively speaking a very good serie but it's got a special place in my heart
best series to start
man better call saul's season 5 was sooo so good. Too bad it's most likely going to take another 2 years to get the final season
best series to start
shooter was entertaining but definitely not a show I would recommend over many other masterpieces. I literally watched shooter a year ago and don't remember much of it
Keep talking and nobody explodes: a fun late night party game with your friends
El Camino
I wouldn't say it' that good when thinking about it objectively purely as a movie. However if you are a big breaking bad fan then it's gonna be very enjoyable because it gives closure to the story we ...
launders already responded to it
gamefuel drdisrespect banner
yeah and also the fact that his wife is still supporting him on instagram further indicates that it's not anything like sexual assault etc
Groups cs summit america
it's based on rmr points because its an rmr event yeah I agree that it's kinda bad but that's just how it goes
Best bhopper on earth