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Olofmeister is the GOAT of CS:GO.

Look at these kids calling "Baitzera" GOAT."BuT He gOt nUmBeR 1 TwiCe" What he did other than baiting his teammates and topfragging every game with baiting ?

Answer is nothing.(Except for the most overrated mirage lucky jumpshot shitplay)

Look at olofmeister.Dominating 2015 with a way higher peak than baitzer0 and the others (maybe not s1mple)

You already know you're a legend when they change and fix the map because of you. (de_olofpass)

That graffiti play may not be exciting but it does fit the GOATmeister's de_olofpass.

Even baitzer0 said Olofmeister is his inspiration.(Go check it up kids the vid is on Betway)

Nerfing the tec9 because of his godlike skills with it.(Goes by the name tec9meister)

Had an injury but still on the top 5 trying to fight for the #1 .

Respect him motherfuckers.(Especially you M16risunderrated,the british twat)

Also, Baitzer0 exit kills --- Olofmeister important frags


2015 Top 1
1 Major MVP
2 Major win

Hopefully more to come one day.

If i dont respond to you i probably blocked you LUL

Especially annoying users on my ignored list (pls dont respond to me i won't be able to read your comments):

> Unluko (mad spammer kid, who always tries to be #1 on news but always fails)
> Trump_1_major_Obama_0_major (braindead american spammer)
> Lyricist (braindead bra71lian m16r fangay, absolutly delusional and using another flag as soon as m16r loses.
> MIBRIsUnderrated (braindead kid, spamming his m16r propaganda all the time)
>NakTriceps (retarded delusional m16r/furia and overratedscerato fangay,delusional braindead kid )


Things i dislike:
> baitzera (baiter, toxic, trash and overrated)
> fallen (i would respect him if he wasn't a two-faced rat)
> fer (cocky trash player, overrated af)
> stewie2k (Trash NA pugger kid team destroyer. Should be banned from competing in pro-CS)
> tarik (traitor rat)
> kjaerbye (two-faced snake)
> lucas1 (2 IQ screaming dog)
> hen1 (like his brother but worse)
> kng (kinda like him but fuck him anyways)
> fns (overrated shit)
> xizt (overrated IGL, should retire asap)
> espiranto (arrogant kid, hope he will never achieve anything)
> kscerato (disgusting arrogant kid)

> mibr (worst and most overrated team in csgo history with shit players)
> furia (disgusting team, no achievements and act like they are good LUL)

> most of NA scene (trash scene, acting like they are equal to EU LUL they are trash)
> most of BR scene (like NA scene but worse, only 1 relevant team)

> NA mentality (stream more you fags, EU > NA always and forever)