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That was rude. As was stealing our cities. You bullying thieves. Enjoy those while your people and economy are suffering.
Hardest language in Europe
Estonian is harder yes, but not because of those cases. Finnish is slightly more complex but also more systematized.
your job?
Norway is a different story. Your pension fund is well over 1000 milliard. None of you would need to do any work and still the capital wouldn't get eaten if you would accept more moderate income.
Hardest language in Europe
-1, that is a compound word. Languages where they are written as one, you can make like endless ones. Longest non compound word in Finnish is: epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkäänköhän , whic...
Hardest language in Europe
Depends on the similarity of your native language. This is a great list: https://www.effectivelanguagelearning.com/language-guide/language-difficulty
dreamteam per country
Sunny Sergej Jamppi (awp) Aleksib Aerial
Money for studying
That is way too much of a salesman's exaggeration. I checked some numbers, but yeah it should be harder.
Money for studying
That is what people from better backgrounds do.
Money for studying
That is correct. If you graduate in optimal time + a year or two years (not that hard, but not a walkthrough either) the government clears almost 40% of your study loan.
Money for studying
But if you are born to rich family the world is yours. Unlucky that most of you aren't. Money holds power, those who are in charge there are doing so well, they won't chance the system and nor would t...
Money for studying
Free 500 euros + 700 euros 0 interest government backed up loan, per month.
Money for studying
In our country students also get good discount rates at most places you can imagine (for instance most of transportation is close to 50% off). Then we have these sick good restaurants at universities ...
McDonald’s best.
Yes, in the big picture weight management is that simple. But there are quite a lot health benefits in eating healthy food vs. that processed garbage. For instance gut health which affects positively ...
How much iq you have?
Come on! You can't be serious. Internet tests are not accurate. Some of them are just marketing tricks of real tests and will result a lot more than you actually would.
top 5 rn
You might be right. Not even nearly have I watched all the games. That is just my gut feeling. Astralis never seems to have a completely off game where they are steamrolled over. 5th place is also by ...