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Astralis haters come here
I am alpha, actually. I shut down literally everyone on this website.
How to get flick-style aim
Don't aim like that. Makes you look obnoxious. Just aim normally.
Real biggest fluke team list.
Everyone who comments Liquid is literally braindead. How do you win a grand slam out of a fluke? You literally HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT to win that. No fucking brains I swear to god.
Real biggest fluke team list.
Liquid had a dominant period and Renegades have made it to quarterfinals twice in a row, the last one going to the semis. Hardly flukes.
How u get triggered?
Dumb cunts on this website trigger me. Everyone is an absolute moron who pretends to be right when 90% of them are wrong on everything they pretend to be experts about.
Astralis haters come here
I have had the Astralis flair since the midst of their slump you stupid fuck. Stop pretending like you know everything and grow a brain.
Astralis haters come here
How about you report the fuckwit who started the conflict rather than the one reacting to it you dumb shit.
Why can't IGL's Frag
People having the excuse of being IGL to not frag well is bullshit. If you can't frag you're just a shit player. End of story.
Astralis haters come here
You're a fucking retard, just because I am from Australia doesn't mean I automatically want the Australian team to win you stupid fucking cunt. You have no brain if you just blindly support a team jus...
God aim, BOT brain?
Chinese players could be so much better if they turned their sens down. But every Chinese person feels the need to use 1 million in game sens on 1 million DPI. So unnecessary and stupid.
Astralis fact
I agree that it's unfair for them to be as good as they are, however I do get sick of the amount of people on this website and Reddit that bitch about it. Astralis is on another level from everyone el...
SG-553 balancing sugestion
Because the game is fucked with it in the game regardless of its price.
Astralis haters come here
create a team better than astralis and then you'll have your final. it's not their fault that everyone else is fucking shit.
Astralis haters come here
boo hoo
Astralis haters come here
I've had the Astralis flair for months actually, you stupid fucking retard. Just because I am right doesn't mean you get to go around pretending you're right when you're actually fucking autistic.