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"Only Astralis is better than NA"
true, and the major will has less points now, but their finishes at Malmo will probably be offset because of their performance at ECS. Cause fnatic ended up losing like 70-100 points coming in 3-4th a...
"Only Astralis is better than NA"
true, but both teams still finished 5-6th at EPL Season 10, Fnatic will get #2 definitely if they get through to the finals, I'm not sure about finishing 3-4th
"Only Astralis is better than NA"
How many points do teams get for placings cause 1st usually gets around 150ish at times
"Only Astralis is better than NA"
Maybe next Monday when these weird ass rankings change
Liquid sore losers
I'm guessing the extra hundred was mostly for getting a better seat since that's really all that the premium tickets are about
Liquid sore losers
ah, so you were lucky enough to not see Guardians eternal sadness of the teams falling apart around him the times he took them to the major finals twice. Probably their best win in CSGO is ESL Cologne...
Liquid sore losers
it's been a while to cheer for NaVi, like CS 1.6 days where they didn't choke in Majors
Liquid sore losers
Btw whats the difference between a premium singing session and a regular one besides paying like an extra $40
Liquid sore losers
Everyone is acting like he kicked a fucking dog, I would love he just said fuck off to add fuel to the fire.
GoT S8
Seasons 1 - 4 are some of best of television you'll ever see
The Darkest Day for NA
doesn't come close, cs was at it's most popular at that time and it was in the US where it took place. Watching that shit collapse with my own eyes was like the Yankees getting reverse swept by the Re...
The Darkest Day for NA
Not at all, it will always be MLG Columbus, nothing compares to that jumping awp shot
I'm playing Halo right now. Suicide is too cool nowadays
Twistzz 9-10
Usually you can get a round or two of action in pit, but he had none.
It's always fun to watch JW cause you know some stupid bullshit is gonna happen