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A W P addiction
Forum posts is live
let the gaming streaming wars begin
Rock vs IGG
Euro vs USD
continue watching the news best thing you can do
Euro vs USD
Thats why Warren Buffet and other rich people outside Euro have already announced that they are looking for investments in Europe ;) Also imports are more expensive now. This means that Europe has ...
she cheated on me...
go fuck her best friend. dont hurt the guy. he isnt the reason she cheated on you
Esports will be big in Greece
i think i can and i love Nigel Farage. he is my idol :p
Esports will be big in Greece
well through the marshall plan and foreign investment germany was able to build a good industry. I truely cant tell you what the current party in charge will do to safe us. No one really is able to...
Esports will be big in Greece
Esports will be big in Greece
Sadly I could only find this article/interview in German language to the current matter.
Esports will be big in Greece
all will be fine :) germany didnt have to money for the 2WW. If Greece really has to go that far, we wouldnt need to pay anything too. Not saying that its gonna change our attitude towards work and...
Esports will be big in Greece Thats his own blog :p
Team logo designer!
how much money do you ask for a logo?
To: Motar2k
I would suggest Motar2k to offer his money for a very good anti cheat client instead of a tournament or whatever :D Playing CS without cheats would be so great!
Outlook Express 2003 problem
I hope CS becomes like this someday
too bad valve is so much focusing on DOTA2.. if the cheating problem wont disappear, we will never be able to get to that stage. however, would be nice seeing it :)