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Atheists dont exist
I'm not an atheist, but agnostic. I believe in the general definition of rationalism and logic that has lead me to accomplish my personal life goals. For example, I pursue living a healthier life whic...
IQ on HLTV [18+]
187 92 85 90
youtube csgo
ur dumb bruh but ur welcome i hope u improve from bad to ok
youtube csgo
Do u actually not see it wow that’s sad-your actually bad bruh uve probably been mg1 for like a year and when bad players don’t understand the map or movement they walk like robot into crosshair and a...
youtube csgo
Those frags are literally given to you its sad. It was more basic crosshair placement than any relatively complex mechanics, your bad kid. edited to call u bad
youtube csgo
Yeah makes sense was giving you too much credit honestly
youtube csgo
ur dmg
death penalty
its hypocrisy depending on what I state I believe in, I believe I haven't done that yet I believe that we can't fix harm with more, so we should either rehabilitate or habilitate the convicted. If t...
death penalty
so your issue is that harm occurs on other people yet you believe it is ok for them to continue to inflict harm and want them to receive harm hypocrite
Too bad ur dumb
how do u stay positive
Your issues aren't as simple as that, get a therapist if you really want to learn something.
I get dicked when i help
maybe ur advice is bad
New GoT Trailer
That's about 60hours of episode in a WEEK. sad
i r8 real name
Richard-Franklin, caucasian white male.