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Coolest real names of Pros
Mick Cagey
R8 Silver Ace
That is not bad at all especially if you are really a silver. Your shooting is decent but you should focus on your movement a lot to improve individually. Hopefully you have friends you can play as pr...
Ence management
Välimaan's :D
Ence management
Even the people in Finland who never had followed any esport watched ENCEs games during katowice. So it really was a big thing in Finnish scale.
Coolest real names of Pros
(aleksib) Aleksi Virolainen = Alex Estonian (allu) Aleksi Jalli = Alex Boi (sergej) Jere Salo = Jere Backwoods (Xarte) Mikko Välimaa = Mick Betweenland (Zehn) Jesse Linjala = Jesse Lineplace (jOELZ) J...
Could someone tell me how people made money with keys? Because if the only way is to have the keys from market place with fixed price how some people have hundreds of keys? And why do people try to se...
Indians come here
Paid forsaken to curry me global. Didn't get what expected.
Your fav Cs copypastas
Expected from NA brain. Not enough fat and sugar
Best skin in game?
Fade bayonet on knives, Neo Noir collection otherwise
Your fav Cs copypastas
I always yell "Bot Allu" and "You suck Aerial" on lans like assy. :D It was fucking hilarius when I once went to bark one 13y old byoc player behind him (assumed) and it started to cry. :D Yellist yes...
Your fav Cs copypastas
we were going to the cafeteria with jaakko and guess who we saw : D if it isn't fucking sergej.... xD i was like what the fuck is that sergej he had 2 glasses of milk and 1 glass of sour milk xDD best...
Who’s winning the next major
Wouldn't call liquid youngsters legends. GTR, Forest, Papa pizeps, allu, taz, guardian etc legends. Stew2k, elige, twiststscxxzzztsts etc. not legends
Test your reaction time
Average 300. Didn't realize i am slow as fuck
Aleksib new team / New finnish team
help find players who have completed their careers
Twista, NaTu, Lurppis