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rip ESL?
Football wont be entertaining until they make the field smaller and divide the game time to three sections. Apparently ESL was planning atleast making games shorter
Super League Facts
Assuming it is same as in basketball, the team will participate in Super league and in their nations league at same time. Basically this league would replace champion league in their schedule
favorite sports moment
2019 hockey WC have two moments. Quarterfinal when Finland wins over Sweden in Overtime and when Finland won over Russian in Semi-final https://youtu.be/zaPIltaeOe8 https://youtu.be/nAFlfw756h4 Also ...
Finland happiest country ?
Expect it isnt https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finland_among_most_racist_countries_in_eu_study_says/10531670
Super league similar to Flashpoint/ESL?
Not really since flashpoint last only about month. If flashpoint lasted about half year it would be same as super league. In Finland they chanced finnish hockey league to franchise system and it abs...
Look in the mirror
Absolutly not me
[*] CSGO Players
Otto is free agent, he apparently just lost motivation or was taking long break. He tweeted that is now ready to come back
They Blocked chess
Dont know, it didnt work for few days then it started work again and then someone got IP banned in school and then no one could use it again. Then they just umbanned it again. Probably our biology tea...
They Blocked chess
Expected, my school banned twitch and scribblio. Hltv was also banned for some time
Football cringe
-1, boring if players score every minute
Weeb definition?
Weeb just become word you use of people that are fan of anime. It had bad stigma but it kinda fade away after weebs started refer to themself as weebs
Super League is good for football
You only need to watch Finnish Liiga and you know why it isnt good