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HAVU vs Hard4U
Hard4u bans Vertigo Havu bans inferno Hard4u picks d2 Havu pick train Hard4u bans nuke Havu bans op Mirage decider Over 2,5 maps seem safe
ENCE vs Heroic
Ence making their homework and beating heroic 2-1.
Spirit vs HAVU
Sadly might be 2-0 for Spirit since their map pool look better compared to Havu
HAVU vs North
Havu 2-1. EASY odds
HAVU vs Virtus.pro
Probably because different enviroment. In Flashpoint theimy were only thinking Csgo, now theu are back home and probably struggles find same touch
HAVU vs Virtus.pro
Vp out of top 30 after this event. Havu possibly back top 30
Endpoint vs HAVU
Uk cs is biggest joke in Europe
Faze own/owned Csgo betting site
ENCE vs Apeks
Going to be Ence vs Kova. Actually might be entertaining.
Lol, no name NiP vs God tier Ence, should be easy. Sweden always worse than Finland in everything. In all seriousness, nice to see Sweden vs Finland games, always entertaining
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
Cis cs cant be taken seriously, always no namers with no talent match fixing games. Finnish cs > cis cs But yeah, hopefully this will be entertaining game. Might be tight game, depends how many pla...
ENCE vs Astralis
Why Ence have to play always against these no namers and teach the same lesson to them. Finnish cs> danish cs /s
Vitality vs ENCE
Godseven will wipe floor with Zywhoo. French cs < finnish cs. But in all seriousness, hopefully this will be entertaining game
North vs KOVA
Do u suffer from autism? Nvm, flag checks out
Nordavind vs KOVA
Mad bettors here blaming for match fixing :) just learn to bett, u kids.