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The most frightful experience of your life
A really bad acid trip.
Sam Harris
Do you have any evidence for the claim you are making (about the Muslim Brotherhood coining the term "islamophobic"), or are you just spewing propaganda? Listen, I also believe that Islam is the most ...
what age corrupted?
Probably around 13-14 years old, maybe earlier in poorer countries. It's not really an age thing, I think it has more to do with the environment you are put in and your genetics. Very simply put I ima...
de_aztec ???
I loved aztec... But the one map I really want back is fucking de_season!!!!
recommend me a game
The civilization series are probably the best games to play with only a mouse. I'd recommend Civ 5 (with all expansions) to start with. Other candidates are Hearthstone, XCOM 2 or perhaps some isomet...
hahahahahahahaha nip, wtf are you doink?
Mom found my weed
If you intend to confess if they get in trouble for it, why not?
Let's play quick maths
Let's play quick maths
$5 if u help
The film uses various symbols (like "the sunken place" that the film's victims are placed in by hypnosis) as metaphors for the ruling power wanting to mentally control minorities. Like the propaganda ...
top 5 artists
Ugh... They are like the Nickelback of our generation. And by that I mean that they are incredibly boring and generic.
Suggest Hip Hop Artists
Travis Scott, more specifically his albums Rodeo and Astroworld.
Hungaria vs Sweden [Politics 18+]
Terrible straw man argument. Being against mass immigration does not equal being a nazi, neither does being german. That would be the same as every chinese or russian person being a genocidal communis...