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Bye bye
Brazil isn't that bad tbh, ok the crime rates might be quite high but the players and tourists will be in the safe areas
R8 frozen piano skills
It's "Mad World" by Gary Jules
there are 2 genders
Ah ok, thx for correcting
Do you believe in god?
I'm not too familiar with the bible to say this is incorrect but Jesus himself didn't punish anyone, even if your statement is true. Than it still would be God who is punishing for not beliving in Jes...
there are 2 genders
I know that it isn't about biology only but I'm refering to the common medical form of gender, XX-chromosomes for female and YX-chromosomes for male. Ofc you can go beyond this spectrum and add XXY de...
there are 2 genders
If you talk about biological genders than you are right
What food do you hate?
I kind of prefer food that is hot rather than cold food, I don't know how people eat food that already cooled off, huagh
I guess if you're virgin or not
Thats some big brain task to guess it right with these questions only
Do you believe in god?
When and where did Jesus punish someone good?
Do you believe in god?
personally? no. But I don't run around and try to convince religious people of the opposite. I have nothing against religion as long as you don't harm others
closest major city to you?
Cologne, I live 30min away from the stadium
French dude fucks 2 polish girls
Imagine being an Astralis fan
I'm a fan of all teams, my team always wins, ezz life LMAOOO
i'm new to netflix
Just scroll through the feed and after 30 minutes decide to watch nothing and after 10-15 minutes repeat this procedure
I'm only mad at France for the French language, my French teacher back in school was just horrible. So it's not even your fault but rather hers