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adren N word
Can confirm, my grandparents are from kazakhstan and they use it as normal word, they're not even racist
Why you bully me?
-Fav cartoon: Toradora!, Cowboy Bebop -Fav meme: This right now: -Fav meme platform: Reddit -Fav forum: HLTV -Fav video game franchise: CS -Epic Games Stor...
AUG $3800
I actually would prefer the flash at some points as a ct, you can support your teammates or you can pop-flash yourself and get some aggressive kills or you can use it when you retake a side and with t...
AUG $3800
3300 is good, now you have to decide at some points if you're gonna buy a m4a1 and flash or the aug
I rate your life V2
Country: Germany Religion: Christian on paper, but not really religious Economic state: Middle class Phone model: Samsung S6, as long as it works it's fine for me xD GF: no Rank: DMG, but was quite in...
0.99999999999999 is actually 1, here is the proof: 1:3 = 0.33333..... so 0.33333.....*3 = 0.99999...... but as we all know 0.33333*3 = 1, no rocket science so 0.99999999 is 1
I rate your life
country: Germany height: 171cm gf yes-no?: no fav csgo team: NaVi how often are u on hltv?: Everyday for about 15-20min
Pros no one hates?
Dosia <3
Gambit 2017 underrated
Krakow was insane, Zeus really did build up confidence in these guys. All players looked strong, even Zeus played quite good. At the same time NaVi looked weak, kicked Zeus and got the starplayer Simp...
I guess your orientation
nice guess but I am straight xD, I don't watch female cs, so I don't know who I can pick haha
I guess your orientation
Best looking female pro: idk Best looking male pro: Liazz Fav skin: Deagle - Cobalt Disruption (with a few fitting stickers) Age: 18
Talk about your day
Had my last exam today, feeling free and relieved Thank you for asking :DD
your desktop
Ah, a man of culture I see. Cowboy Bebop is amazing (and not weeb shit)