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G2 facepalm
I am wondering if they are throwing for bread 😄
If you come to Europe, you can stay at my place for free (I own a Holiday rental in Warsaw, Poland)
my dream girl
Escape room is a great idea! If she wants to bring a friend again you can always come up with something like "You don't think we can solve this together?" or even pretend that this escape room is just...
my dream girl
my dream girl
"idk man, most girls like me so i never had this type of problem" clinical narcissism detected
my dream girl
"Many of the relationships that work the best long term started as friendships..." On which planet? You either have a friend or you are attracted to someone. Good luck coming out of the friendzone, n...
Pope Francis visits Morocco
No offence but why did the king of Morocco dress like a smurf? It looks like a 5 dollar costume from Amazon
200kg deadlift?
gl with your 1rm, compare Ronny Coleman and Jay Cutler now. Ronnie = lots of 1rm, now has surgery after surgery, lost almost all of his muscle Cutler = focused on proper form and didn't do any power-l...
200kg deadlift?
me too, we should go lifting together at Gold's Gym 💪
200kg deadlift?
170kg 1RM, I hope you just calculated that and are not actually doing 1 reps or you can already start saving money for joint surgery.
curved monitor
They are great
Taking life advice from a Boxer glhf
twitch job commercials?
Yes you can definitely sue Twitch when you saw a commercial. Once upon a time I sued Disney because I jumped from the roof of our house thinking I can fly like Peter Pan. Broke my nose but got 400,000...
I actually wanted to help you, have some good contacts, but you screwed it now, hf in Ukraine.
Because it's 12873827834 times easier to go there, work a normal job, prepare all the documents yourself, ask your employer to sign your working Visa so you can stay working for him, done.