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Which Heel to BUY?
you don't pick heels for a girl but instead buy her a voucher so she can pick it herself... would you like a girl pick your sneakers?! I certainly not....
5G Gaming
You could play CSGO with low ping on 3G as well, because it has high bandwidth, but you can't because the connection is too bad. 5G is a marketing hype, it's like changing your network cable from a ca...
G2 and EG
Stop with that jetlag crap, jetlag from what? Last time they played was 12 days ago. It's not like they went off the plane and started playing the same day.
25-30k waiting for Shroud
2 second Google Search:
25-30k waiting for Shroud
Twitch has over 70% of the Live Stream Market Share, Mixer has 3%, just saying...
smokers who work out
what's wrong with eggs?
Fps problem pls help
I think your problem is that your steam/CS:GO is using the onboard graphics of your motherboard instead of your CPU graphics.
Fps problem pls help
Buys a Gaming PC without graphic card, complains about low fps...
they lost, what are you saying?
G2 facepalm
I am wondering if they are throwing for bread 😄
If you come to Europe, you can stay at my place for free (I own a Holiday rental in Warsaw, Poland)
my dream girl
Escape room is a great idea! If she wants to bring a friend again you can always come up with something like "You don't think we can solve this together?" or even pretend that this escape room is just...