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Your country in sports?
Most likely yeah. Their youth program has improved so much and it really starts to show now. They have so many young NHL superstars that have yet hit their peak and there are more to come in the futur...
Your country in sports?
In 5-10 years 1. CAN 2. USA 3. FIN 4. SWE 5. RUS
typical Mibr fan post just after Mibr got shit on by every top team in their home soil
Astralis destroyed CSGO
Astralis has raised the bar to a next level and sadly other teams just aren't that good yet. But don't worry let's give ENCE a year and i think they will be able to compete with Astralis.
Imagine being brazilian
oh yeah you have a great and not corrupt government and ur cops don't kill people right
aerial cheating
haha the good old ''i can't explain it to you you are too stupid'' nice job making urself look full retard on internet. I bet you believe that the earth is flat also. ''completely unnatural'' yeah yea...
aerial cheating
Holy shit have ever even played cs?? Ur telling me that you've never switched targets multiple times while shooting in a very intense clutch situation???? And it being pistol round makes it even more ...
Pimp's tweet
Every time there's a discussion about stream sniping it always ends in the same conclusion: just set long enough delay. Stream sniping isn't disappearing streamers just have to do what they can to red...
Where is SunNy going????
s1mple overrated
''FACT: s1mple is the biggest eco hunter in the scene'' bro what do you mean. 1st prove this please. 2nd what does it even mean? That he's not the best because he gets eco kills???? These so calle...
There's no way they are going to change their lineup right now. They are less than a year old lineup and they have climbed all the way to top 4. They should give this lineup a solid year and maybe aft...