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ENCE vs FaZe
dumbest bet u could ever do but hf losing money :D
GamerLegion vs Valiance
The first start time at all was 13:00 o clock gmt+1 which was 4 hours ago
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
Who the fuck bets -3,5 on a game like that where movie are Favorites people still think sprout will do it. If there wasnt a bad start for moviestars they would have it ez. 2nd map will go easily for m...
Heavy KnockOut vs Nexus
Some are probably not aware of it and just keep adding them cause they dont look that much into esport, like after the accusations unibet stopped adding them.
Heavy KnockOut vs Nexus
They bet on them selfs and screencheat, which means some organizer of the game tells them the positions of the enemys called ghosting.
Athletico vs Ground Zero
They won...
AGO vs Windigo
totally agree to zeus but flamie is a beast if they get rid of zeus they should even get along with astralis over sometime, i kinda feel navi is the best team along to astralis atm but they just dont ...
AGO vs Windigo
By that i mean a constant top team like astralis which can not only upset but also win constant games.
AGO vs Windigo
Windigo 2-0 AGO Fnatic played poorly yesterday, ago just hit some nice shots. Ago shouldnt manage to get 10 rounds on windigos map pick and max win 12 rounds on their own map pick. Also Ago plays bad ...
fnatic vs G2
G2 2-1 Fnatic Funny how people think just because Fnatic lost 16-0 they lose against g2 on inferno :D Also funny that they do a fucking ceremony for the stream start yesterday and today they dont even...
Example = Team A 16-14 Team B which means if u place +2.5 rounds on team b you win your bet cause its 16-16.5 Rounds
Chaos vs AGO
Chaos will win cause better lineup with baaten
What where the odds on 2-0 :D?