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forZe vs Spirit
okay so spirit has to take it 2-1.......
Sinners vs Endpoint
this is unreal...sinners are dogshit for real
Endpoint vs HAVU
Epic choke
SKADE vs Entropiq
Skade are in good form. 2-1 however if el1an goes insane mode, russians will take the win. Still I believe odds are too good and skade will try hard, they usually do when they are underdogs
G2 vs BIG
Uncle TabseN and Turkish reaper xantares will lead Big to the win today, I put some high staked bet on this one
Endpoint vs SKADE
Bulgarian mens will fight with everything they have to get this, 2-1 for SKADE , their form is just too good now =]]]
FURIA vs Astralis
it was pleasure for me to see these danish twats being placed just exactly where they belong. They ruined my combo bet and I am not mad about that.It is pretty simple , you can't pretend to be a numb...
FURIA vs Astralis
mousesports vs fnatic
cmon man ALEX is such a thrash ...
mousesports vs fnatic
Of course MouZ, one of the best aimers are in this team ,most of the time they lose because of bad decision making but this will not be the case today :)
Virtus.pro vs NIP
Ninjas in shitjamas are so fcking bad they can't even put up a fight there it is complete rape. How the fuck do they get to summit ?
Heroic vs GODSENT
Heroic are literally trolling ahahahhhaah , fcking pigs go GOdsent GO!
Virtus.pro vs Gen.G
got 2.75 live odds Gen.G to win, thanks for your money russian sukas
Astralis vs mousesports
Go mouz go! 2-0 I feel it
OG vs Gen.G
dOGshit here they lose again :D , not surprised