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Ez 4 throw potential juanflatroo and sinnopsy. Mirage gods.
Really are you comparing a continent with smalls EU countries ?? If any country of EU was like USA or Canada of bigs will be more different. But how like you, USA > spain, finland and another smalls E...
ENCE vs Liquid
I dont see ez 4 ence
CR4ZY vs Sprout
0/2 german cs, i think they should be a really good team and the other go to home
North vs BIG
Denis top fragger jajaaja, german cs
MIBR vs Cloud9
Ez 4 the player highlight
Movistar Riders vs Giants
I think only rmn and mutiris have level for compete in europe. In the blast they did the difference and now also
Movistar Riders vs Giants
Dragons vs Movistar Riders
Germans bettors in spanish match. Interesting the new players of bets...
Movistar Riders vs Giants
If mvr lost 2-0 vs giants when lowel was in the the spanish blood, lowel throw the game vs liquid, riders throw two times in playoffs mdl. Not is lowel, is the spanish blood.
Spirit vs Movistar Riders
He is the second best player of the league. But i am with you, yesterday he was horrible like all the team except deathzz
Movistar Riders vs Giants
Argentina good in cs...ok no...good in football..ok no, paraguay and colombia are better...funny guy
Spirit vs Movistar Riders
Mixwell does not deserve a top 10 team. He deserves a top 5 team like optic in his better moment.
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
3 nukes played 3 wins for sprout
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
4. Sprout picked Train