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North vs Liquid
IGL is actually Gade now (and it's gotten even worse for them lol)
Liquid vs North
Gade has become relevant in their team plays tbh I don't think removing him is a good idea. Agreed on jugi though. Maybe they can let aizy do awp if there's no one else. He hits way more shots than ju...
Liquid vs North
If north wants to move forward, they need to get a real IGL. Sorry valde but it's been months and there's no solid tactics in this team. I say bring back ave too, who was removed for cadian but now he...
If North wins
I think North can do it. Just need to activate everyone just like in dust2 yesterday
Vitality vs mousesports
Liquid vs North
NiP vs North
North should win this
North vs CR4ZY
North vs CR4ZY
I wonder why it never happened that all north players activate in one game. It's always 2 or 3 who carry -- different players every game
North vs CR4ZY
he's actually performing well today so far
North vs CR4ZY
Crossing my fingers jugi activates then north has a clear chance of winning
Vitality vs DreamEaters
Vitality really isn't consistent enough to be top 2 at the moment. They're talented, but inconsistent. I always think they're on par with North in terms of skill, but now I think even in consistency h...
North vs INTZ
WHY TRAIN??? Such an inconsistent map for north -_-
Kaze deserves better
North vs FaZe
I agree they're not at their peak yet. But they're getting better and better through time. I guess we'll see soon