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*Best player by country*
Best players in terms of individual skill by country: u probably skiped reading lessons, but i forgive you dpnt worry
*Best player by country*
sorry i didnt know you joined comunity yesterday
*Best player by country*
if its whole career i must say shroud
it could be huge upgrade for hr but i think sunny should take this as downgrade and didnt accept this. Most realistic for me sunny to faze. oskar styko to hr
surely yes but nit ence, its not big enaugh organisation and it would be demotivating for roster when they kick someone after major final run. My guess is faze :)
ence will never pay sunny's buyout
Flashbang assist
and if you see two players shooting and someone other gets flash assist you know there are at least 3 people defending site. This is much worse in 3v3 2v2 situations
Which clutch will you always remember and from which player on which match?
+1 and i was envy fan
Pro players callouts?
i have another tip for you de_train ....callout on train
Most overrated and underrated weapons in CS GO
definitly not in mine xD
Most overrated and underrated weapons in CS GO
p250 - underrated 300$ change 0 chance to something deagle - overrated in this utility meta of cs has pretty low impact for 700$
Beer thread
absolutly objective .... we have best beer !
Beer thread
borovicka fan spotted
i guess your favorite weapon
27 envyus 2015 fnatic supreme noodles in relationship
Largest word in your language