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NRG vs Renegades
I Must ache you to bring back gratis
NRG vs eUnited
I’ve watched some pretty sick games of cs today so I’m hoping this can keep it rolling! Also, 2-0 NRG
Why faze won.
I’m super impressed with how both teams played today. Ggwp! I’m still not sure why liquid picked Dust2 that was a little confusing but they looked real good today. This gets me hype for IEM Sydney may...
Liquid vs FaZe
It’s a tough veto for liquid because Dust2 is their best map, but also a map FaZe love to play. Overpass favors liquid but if Faze can continue their form today it could be quite a battle.
It nice to come out of hiding for a tournament and see them play well and write eZaF as much as I want
North vs FaZe
Remember when we called FaZe a super team
Natus Vincere vs NRG
NRG should ban mirage and pick overpass. Let navi pick dust 2.
FaZe vs Renegades
Faze should ban mirage first and let nuke float. Also, I doubt they would ban Dust2.
NRG vs fnatic
I would say NRG pick Train first. It’s a map they’ve played well on and fnatic doesn’t play. Make fnatic decide with their second ban if they want to play overpass or inferno (both of which I think fa...
I honestly really hope pros play it. Especially in some of the early rounds like if you think you’re the better team and they float it play the map nobody knows. I could see Faze letting this be a dec...
Astralis: has a mostly perma-ban Volvo: “consider it gone”
Top 5 NA players ATM
+1 krieg-lige #3 NA
North vs NRG
Very competitive. If they can keep it together on inferno I strongly favor their train to norths. And if for some dumb reason north floats overpass they better punish pick that crap xD
Sweatpants in public
>have to work 4 months to get them >cost $240 9 year old confirmed
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
+111111 Panda gaming has it in the bag. Astralis didn’t come because they’re scared of Panda Gaming