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0/8 one of the worst baits i've ever seen
TaZ > Neo
nt fakeflagger
Tarik > Stewie
bro you are so stupid that you can't understand the fact he is emphasizing or you are just trolling to get rid of this conversation. i hope medicine keeps improving and makes brain transplantation pos...
Tarik > Stewie
actually i like liquid and i want them to be #1 that's why i want -stewie. playing with stewie is pointless for liquid they don't need him. and my arguments are based on the thing named 'logic' which ...
Tarik > Stewie
they were getting defeated by astralis everytime and they still are. winning just one bo3 with 2-1 doesn't mean anything. and your arguments are weak af because you are saying stewie is an upgrade wh...
Tarik > Stewie
they also get defeated by them in a grand final too. winning a bo3 in an irrelevant tournament doesn't mean shit. and if astralis was in iem syndey they would won it easily with 3-0 against chokequid ...
Tarik > Stewie
they also choked on a final against choke clan :D
Tarik > Stewie
iem sydney was irrelevant since astralis and navi didn't participate in and they barely won it against fnatic lul
Tarik > Stewie
yes a very big upgrade that literally didn't change a single thing :D it's interesting to see a stewie fanboy in this site
Tarik > Stewie
i wanted to emphasize that they are not better options than tarik for a team like liquid. any other decent player from na would be an upgrade for liquid imo because stewie is not playing that good and...
Tarik > Stewie
they don't need more firepower beside twistzz, elige and naf. they just need a decent player with good chemistry and mindset.
Tarik > Stewie
that's %40 better than yours
FaZe academy team?
great copy paste skills 👌💯🔥💯🔥
FaZe academy team?
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go Giants
fan of meme team btw