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And so can mousesports, fnatic, even nip on a good day. 100 thieves would also be a good shout. Your point is irrelevant because so many teams at the top can beat each other. EG and Liquid aren't doin...
Well it sure seems like you don't. Liquid was consistent a few months back but now they've been highly inconsistent losing against a variety of teams. EG have also just come to the scene and after bea...
If you've been playing for a month just please don't try to argue your point too hard like this. You're just going to end up looking stupid or in general your inexperience of the game will most likely...
Juice wrld...
Can you just explain a little about why you can tell if a person is a trash human being. What makes you qualified enough to say when a persons life wasn't worth living. Drugs is one thing, but he also...
I think this guy is the best baiter of all time because he just gets everybody mad then doesn't respond when there is an actually good argument formed against him lmao
i fix any football team
Marcus berg isn't bald so it can't work
finnish ppl
I mean many times when i talk to swedish people in mm they mention either malmö or the immigrant problem in general and make fun of it making fun of muslims etc. I suppose that's where it comes from
overhyped trash movies
Im not sure about that movie. Which one was that? Was that the one that had candice acting?
overhyped trash movies
Can i have some insight into why you think interstellar is overrated? Just curious
Finnish people come
Please keep going im excited to see where this will end
Find your birthday twin!
Veli )))
Find your birthday twin!
Veli )))
God brain, BOT aim?
Help me, I just
Yeah it's that regret. Regret of knowing you could've had something you wanted. But you can think of it another way. Were the jokes you said jokes that you find funny or say a lot? I'm talking of the ...