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You play AK47 or SG553?
Already did. I recently rejoined Fnatic. XD
You play AK47 or SG553?
I press f12. Buy an auto. Look at the floor. Start spinning. I pop heads.
Yeah that’s what I meant as in at least 70% of pros would want vertigo out of the Poole. The pro scene is the most important part of the game imo. If the pros say something then valve should listen to...
Tbh. Once the cache redesign is done they should put chase back into the map Poole and remove vertigo. It’s a shit map and nuke is also shit and a lot of teams don’t like to play cache so rather than ...
make your own org
Blastralis Magisk Dev1ce Gla1ve Dupreeh Xyp9x
This is ridiculous the video tells one side of the story. Look at the comments
urge to kill some1?
So all our soldiers protecting our lands are psychopaths? They fight for your freedom and your calling them PSYCHOPATHS?? How offensive can you be. Respect your veterans sir. Respect your veterans. ...
UK come here
“I seriously don't get how u can eat eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes etc. for breakfast”. Well... we pick up a fork and a knife and we start cutting up the food and putting it into our mouths. How do ...
why US ppl rude?
It’s because they’re all raised among freedom-loving hillbillies so they don’t know what a rule is. Therefore they don’t know what the rules of society are. Therefore they actually don’t know if they’...
He doesn’t open sites like Dupreeh and he doesn’t IGL like gla1ve. Because he is not an entry fragger or an IGL he is an awper. It’s not his job. But I imagine if he was forced into the entry fragger ...