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Cheater caught using reflections
Wait,you don't have your cheat account yet? Everyone does lmao,what year are you living in...
Phone suggestions?
Honor 10.
True,they are pretty aloof and terse. They are very unfriendly towards strangers/foreigners. I am a foreigner that is learning Danish language for fun (not living there or planning on it),and when I t...
Which friend are you?
How will your life end?
It won't.
I guess your iq
no u.
I guess your iq
1)20 2)I don't play on faceit,I do play cs/games in general only sparsely so mm is enough for me to have fun in 5v5 game despite toxic russians etc.I don't care about winning much. 3)It does vastly r...
banning guns!
Stopped reading at "prooF me wrong".
EU = Dictatorship
Level of English+flag checks out. I have infered that you are wrong.
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
flag checks out,game checks out,user name checks out.
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
nt turkish hax0r
Prime MM is just retarded
Ofcourse you can practice,there are so many ways to practice. Just play public servers/Retake servers etc,faceit or something else like that. Also,why are you so mean towards people trying to help yo...
Prime MM is just retarded
If you are good enough you will reach global even with griefer team/against cheaters.Period.You are not amply good to reach the rank anyway,I guess that first person shooters are just not for you and ...
CLG Red vs Lazarus
ez for ant1ka
Losing interest in games
Well,there is nothing wrong with losing your interest in games,why do you neccessarily want to play games 24/7? It is not the only thing you can do on the computer.Read something interesting on the in...