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The fog islands of Mongrel. Only the desperate ever come here. Refugees from The Holy Nation, hoping to lose their pursuers to the Fogmen..."
"Fog men!?!"
"Scared, eh? Turning yellow?"
"Shut up, I ain't afraid!

The Fog Islands are a collection of valleys where a perpetual low fog looms over the ground. Scraps of massive metal of a forgotten civilization litter the terrain, adding to the mystery of the lands. A savage and cannibalistic strain of Hivers called Fogmen rule the land. They take advantage of the fog to prey on unsuspecting people and devour their flesh and bones in a ritual.

Mongrel is located within the Fog Islands, drawing brave travelers to seek refuge in this free city which is beheld by no empire. Not even the Fogmen could ever overrun this resilient settlement.

Be wary as even a high level character can be overwhelmed by Fogmen.

Travel in groups to better reach Mongrel.

Once knocked down, Skeletons are usually left alone by the Fogmen. Most other "Organics" will be kidnapped and eaten.

The Fogmen usually tear apart your limbs first. If you hurry you might be able to save one of your characters BEFORE he becomes a potato.
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