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FaZe vs BIG
Faze gonna get clapped once more
s1mple 1v4
Thats why G2 gonna suck forever. passive 5v5 and stupidly aggresive against ez winnable rounds. Bunch of amateurs.
G 2 EZ
I can see Nip getting a lot worse on t sides recently. Ztr could have been helping a lot maybe...
ok navi i love you but
Yeah Navi are strange. Its very hard to get impact with Awp and it disables Simple.
ok navi i love you but
ha ha how smart author is?
g2 system
If i were Carlos i would get Zews as a coach and dont care about friendship with Malek. Its not Zews fault that Stans strats are vesy ez to read after some time.
They can buyout someone from Eg like Breeze or Obo lol
man i thought its done already
Rush is so bad
pretty average on t side, but what a shit ct player my god.
G2 can't get much better
Yeah it sucks. There isnt much igls. Only good igls come from guys who play with their friends who stick together Like Vp, Gambit boys.
k0nfig's beard
Lol true. Add some couple buff chads and its Golden 5 once again when it comes to testosterone levels.
G2 can't get much better
Their problem is tactics and I think that nexa is very mediocre igl and Malek being nothing, but a chearleader and nothing more not gonna help it either.
k0nfig's beard
Its almost like Blame force you to be the man! Rush looks pretty buff and Konfig have a Viking beard. Next thing you know and Jks with Poizon gonna look like chads.
no flavor protein powder - disaster...
Man you should try ostrovit collagen and nox extreme pump... You will never wait the time you have to take those. Hands down taste like hell!
no flavor protein powder - disaster...
true, he should mix it with mutant ones. Those have extraordinary great taste!