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mouz luck
Why lucky ? If you check other teams they have pretty same "easy" enemy. Navi - Tyloo, MIBR Astralis - Renegades, G2 ... It seems easy because there are more bad teams than good teams :D
Best player of a team nobody talks about
Almost every match commentators praise ropz. Now they talked about chrisJ because he is often at the bottom of the table and two matches in a row was the top frager.
plant based diet!
Coincidence? How you take it. If you eat all shits and start eating healthier it really doesn't matter what a diet it is and it will help you.
I heard that Valve will only look at it if he qualifies at Major. I don't know if anyone just said it only "for fun" or it was an answer from Valve.
mouz is not good
ceiling is T2 ? They are now HLTV ranking 9 which mean T1...
chrisJ reitre?
Frozen himself said he is not satisfied with his performance on the LAN. However, woxic and chrisJ are also inconsistent.
Weak vessels/thin blood. It can be caused by a poor diet.
fantasy suggestion
fantasy prices are from partners (sponsors) 1xbet giving money before was skinbaron (i think) and runtime and each gave prizes from what the sponsor business is focused on
Mousesports fix nad Zywoo save
Mouz probably dont have money for players. -ropz and chrisJ were from old Mouz -karrigan and frozen were free -only woxic probably had pay out
How to stop headaches?
If it's just a lifestyle then sleep and fresh air should help + drink more water. Maybe it's causing blood pressure, so check it out.
Hating on ENCE?
The funny thing is that the reason for their change was that they didn't just want to be in TOP5 but they wanted to be TOP1 :D
Make a team
Mouz: -karrigan +aleksib -chrisJ +flusha woxic frozen ropz
MOUZ -chrisj?
In interview said a that they changed their role in this tournament and won. It was a low tier tournament but we'll see how it goes next.
Mouz needs roster move?
Individual players are not a problem but their team play is bad and this should be somehow solved by IGL / coach. Mouz has a problem with communication, crossfire and when they teammate dies, they st...