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Pro teams on Ancient
I expect fnatic play Ancient as trolls with shotguns. As Ilooked at the map, so it looks like it will be played by more teams that are not dependent on AWP players.
-rain +bymas
Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
-rain +bymas
Since Dexter is in Mouz, Bymas has not played as entry fragger. He is just baiting.
Is 20 too old to start career?
I think that if they don't do big graphic update or a new version of CS, then in 3+ years it is possible that CSGO will slowly decline. 5+ years without a CS update will be more or less dead because i...
Is 20 too old to start career?
If you are dedicated enough, maybe in 3 years you will be at a good level. However is questionable where CSGO will be in few years.
Mousesports objective opinion
Mousesport as a team improved, dexter has improved too. Only bymas it seems to me that he has not made much progress. Yes, I know that he have a school, but that is why they should do something about ...
0.9 rating IGLs
Besides that probably just match fixing.
0.9 rating IGLs
It's possible if they could farm stats on low tier teams.
0.9 rating IGLs
Fallen 1.00 rating with AWP is also nothing amazing.
$75€ ALL IN
Fiend vs Spirit Spirit will win 2:0 @1.44 Mouz vs FaZe Bet on some Mouz handicap. For example: Mouz +1.5 on maps @1.30 (Mouz win at least 1 map) Mouz +4.5 round on map @1.33 Total maps 2.5 Over @1....
mouz fans
Last month entry attempts: bymas - 112 acoR - 131 dexter - 158 ropz - 184 frozen - 187 Nice entry fragger