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s1mple's future
lmao you get fucked ngl
When I was 12 years old everything was cringe to me as well
AVANGAR vs Astralis
But they couldn't beat astralis
i rate any music and
Frankie <3
she acts like a dumb feminist sometimes by defending shit like "female tennis players should get paid equally bc female players plays equally good compared to the males" and stupid feminist thoughts a...
Frankie <3
she is annoying
Frankie <3
people are just complimenting her like she is a goddess and honestly its pathetic
Worst major berlin
since they did not gone 0-3 then the only choice is mibr best team wtf mens you think they are the best eams thats 0/8 mens)))
how much bro?
Worst Inferno Ever
i remember they beat fnatic in cluj napoca 2016 and it was a shock bc fnatic is historically one of the better inferno teams and they were heavy favorites. only reason they beat them was coldzera play...
Worst Inferno Ever
this is very true +1
Your fantasy team
for me ethan was the steal as he got 250 points on 4 rounds and 300 total so he was pretty good woxic was the both most expensive and most underperforming player as he could make just 80 points total
Frankie Ward
lol i actually laughed
Your fantasy team
yeah i hope twistzz get better bc he was pretty expensive for me. i could have gone with someone like woxic but he was the only player underperformed in the qualifiers for me (maybe Hunter too). and i...
Your fantasy team
3600 currently and it has been pretty disappointing so far lineup is karrigan ethan cerq glaive and twistzz karrigan is fucking -75 rn, twistzzs performance has been pretty bad as well was #200 on qua...