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Best Movie Ever
The Intouchables one of the best for real, just watch it
Best Movie Ever
bohemian rhapsody for music The Intouchables one of the best
real Navi fix
F0rest literary GOD?!??!
Forest is good player, but the 2020 will be the last year for him on my opinion a lot of young players coming to the big stage and he want some relax from CS 20 years on stage is huge
drink home alone
drink alone is shit, only with friends ♥
Thoughts on Top10
EG should be higher Fnatic lower G2 lower
-Guardian +Who?
ye, I'm agree with u but I'm think they need some more time practice, mb 10 days bootcamp or smth but anyway, we are not in team and don't know what is situation in so we need only wait P.S u are pl...
Navi or EG
If Na'Vi take a victory against Heroic in 2 maps, they gonna destroy EG If Na'Vi take a close series against Heroic, EG will crush their moral and game
-Guardian +Who?
good ideas, but reshufle will be after the major (my opinion) BoombI4 said in interview that they won'ted pick up the second young player like him, cuz Blad3 need a lot of time for team with 2 new pla...
time will show who is better u can say that I'm a fanbuy of t Na'Vi But 2-3 match-ups between them and better team will win this I'll be wonder if fnatic destroy Na'Vi
hey, are u hate Na'Vi cuz they better then fnatic? LUL BoombI4 is a good guy and good IGL, with Blad3 they gonna destroy ur "dream team fnatic" So, maybe start discuss about Golden like a IGL with bad...
Malmö Next Major?
dead crowd 0/10
Happy birthday s1mple and AZR
he isn't?
Happy birthday s1mple and AZR
why? Do u think OpTic is a big problem for Na'Vi? or Grayhound/NiP? or maybe u think s1mple isn't goat at csgo?