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FaZe vs NiP
thats the exact same take that won them at 14-12 against liquid, nip shouldve seen that coming
Just got carried by HiKo AMA
dont listen to the racists!
Ghost vs Lazarus
ok it's 3-0 and also the lazarus players are not bad at all
Ghost vs Lazarus
not so easy for unite the right attendee Gage "Infinite" Green
top 5 esports
1. dota 2. lol 3. csgo 4. fortnite 5. overwatch honorable mention for being smaller games with good comp scenes: rocket league, smash, starcraft, rainbow, cod
NRG vs Renegades
what the hell was that full rotate from nrg, not leaving someone on A isnt even a mistake my pug team would usually make...
Astralis vs Liquid
Liquid really needs to learn train, they simply can't beat astralis without playing it.
Most Average Player Ever
Best American State
Best American State
congratulations on completely ignoring how you said something obviously false by calling me a fake flagger (who cares dude???)
Best American State
i just put a random flag dude
Best American State
what? what is this ridiculous assertion that all data outside of the census is bunk? should i alert the entire research industry?
Best American State
as it turns out you dont actually have to put where you're really from...and the same way i know, by googling it...
Best American State
This is statistically completely untrue, those three are actually top 10 least fat
paiN vs Spirit
Is pain super bad or something? Thought these odds would be more even.