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lmao delusional
CS World Cup Teams
game you regret buying the most
nba 2k19
1. Last Kingdom 2. Mindhunter 3. F for Family
Ronaldinho is Overrated
lol i liked your comment, u atleast know what ur talking about (looks like). I never said he was "greater" than Messi or Cristiano. Their careers and achievements speaks for themselves. I'm not ronal...
Ronaldinho is Overrated
keep dreaming and one day hakuho will have the same status as a football superstar
Ronaldinho is Overrated
he was a playmaker, not a scorer...remember that
Ronaldinho is Overrated
if you take only stats in discussion then Pele > anyone else ever, altought that is true, Pele is the GOAT, not only for his stats, but for his dominance
Ronaldinho is Overrated
Cuz you don't have to score 50+ goals and have 30+ assists a season to be a beast or the best player in the planet, stats don't say everything otherwise players like Zidane and Cruyff could never won ...
Ronaldinho is Overrated
dude ur dumb
NBA 2K20
I played 2k19 mycareer for about 100hours, the controls are great and the game feels amazing, too bad it's a shitty microtransation scam paradise, also they don't have servers outside EU/NA wich makes...
Portuguese cs community is so toxic
+1 can confirm gamersclub way more friendly then eu faceit
leaf again
he do it to gather info of a possbile near enemy, seems like he's not that smart cuz he keeps doing blatantly
leaf again
wtf, he played online with cheats before, he even admitted doing it in practices