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The most washed up
coldzera niko twistzz electronic
CAR 100k€
Yes, let little black kids die instead of harming the climate. it's a loss cause either way how you look at it. Animals, nature etc slowly dying.. we can't stop it, no chance.. mankind will always thi...
laughing in funeral
Cry when your mother or father die? Damn boy, you a pussy! Real men, only cry if they lose one of their children.
weed > pharma
Just like medicine cure flu, headache, or the worst one, for all the people you know that take allergy medicine, have they ever get cured one day? Sure someone can lose them after a long time, but i w...
weed > pharma
So do you take pharmaceuticals? Just keep talk bad about something you don't know anything about, i don't do either... but i been around in my lifetime, yet never experienced any negativity with "sto...
shox vs shroud
shroud fan boys are the worst, usually the worst noob in any game, that never played with great players or seen great players play before. Average csgo player. A V E R A G E, shall we say stew2k is th...
Device > S1mple still
Lol, that's just like coldzera most of the time when he was #1 also, just was a turrent in a corner, gunning people down. it's fucking camperstrike, what you expect. IT'S NOT A FAST PACED SHOOTER, ofc...
Device > S1mple still
hahahahahahah, top1 with flamie and zeus. flamie when vs good team or very often as well he sucks so bad.
Never try overclocking your monitor
Next event they prob lose to eUnited, heroic or mousesports. LUL
hahaha, so much hate in your heart. wish you a good day!
Why are people hating on Astralis?
devk1ng will return, enjoy while you can! =D
Why are people hating on Astralis?
same with mibr in BR, even would be better.
Flamie start playing when it doesn't matter anymore
flamie almost always sucks when it counts(ofc once in a while he also have decent.), he is a strange player indeed. don't think you can ever be #1 with him on team. never forget vs mibr twice, back in...
CSGO Sacrifice
many still think mibr #1 also, sooooo... just wait and see next event.