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Twistzz best player on TL
i consider him to be the X factor on the team. just that guy that can go off and dominate a map/match and pull off some insane clutch
Zywoo top 1
flair checks out 0/8
Zywoo top 1
best 2019 future goat
Rate Ukrainian girl 15+
mix G2 and Vitality
wish he wasnt so washed up. no place for him in team
mix G2 and Vitality
high skill peak but too inconsistent + no real place on the team with zywoo as awper
mix G2 and Vitality
zywoo alex apex nbk AMANEK would be ideal but its weird cus rpk is playing better recently. no one else on g2 deserves a tier 1 team cept maybe jackz
zywoo vs s1mple
zywoo will win major and major mvp before s1mple
ZyWoo vs s1mple
s1mple is the most skilled player ever. zywoo is just having a better year than him so far tbh
Top 1 player rn
elige and s1mple are fighting for 2nd rn
Elige robbed MVP
i can see this happening too. boomich is good and zeus is good igl. theyll have to move pieces around but i can see their coms and plays getting better. the guy above was trying to use that as an argu...
ZywOo overrated
please tell me who is better than zywoo atm
Elige robbed MVP
based on what? the best team they faced was mouz. you really want to base it off that? or how about the two games they played against liquid that they both lost? im not saying theyre bad, but they hav...
Elige robbed MVP
whats YOUR point? liquid played one average series that they still ended up winning? vitality was decent the whole tournament on the back of zywoo who was the best player there. thats why hes mvp
Top 1 player rn
if u count big events only, then s1mple might get it, but hltv puts all lans and all mvps into account. https://www.hltv.org/stats?startDate=2019-01-01&endDate=2019-12-31&matchType=Lan&rankingFilter=T...