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nitr0 cheating?
we have a new senior vac
Black pro players?
fair enough, prob 5050
top 5 football players ever
haha, an all-time list with neymar and you complain about pele? 3 world cups, 2 of them as the star player. dominance!
Black pro players?
not many today, potti is black and one of the all-time greats though
haha, triggered much? i said nothing about excusing or validating crime. @ratethreadcreator was excusing racism by saying that blacks 'cause so much crime'. I simply pointed to the fact that his logi...
great argument
why fakeflag? but you're a guy at least? that would still make you part of the most overrepresented group. btw, regarding #68 'it's black people in cities' - blacks and lantinos suffer most from pove...
do u miss old csgo
men are by far the single most overrepresented group in almost every crime statistic, the second strongest factor is typically poverty. I'm guessing you're a Hungarian guy (correct me if I'm wrong), ...
trolling premades
you should be ashamed
Best rivalries in CS GO history?
not relevant when you always know who's gonna win. might become more interesting this year.
Best rivalries in CS GO history?
lol, how was this a rivalry at all? astralis just rekt liquid every game
DMG hardest rank
2 out of the top 8 teams are all Swedish, so basically 25% of the world's top players are Swedish... How many of those are Canadian again?
Swe politicians
I've never voted for C, there are more centrist parties than C, though that might be confusing for a basement boy. Nope, that was clearly not the point either. The point is that if you only look at i...
Swe politicians
First of all I'm a centrist. So claiming that I'm obviously a leftist just shows how wrong you are. Secondly, facts without context is about as useful as religion. That's how you become an antivaxxer...