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I don't, just a theory since G2 looked pathetic tactically sometimes. 0-5 in Pro League, losing a map against Lynn Vision and the BO3 against Mad Lions therefore bombing out of Blast Showdown.
s1mple junior, never will be able to transition from NaVi Junior to the main team since they already have an AWPer on the main team and that person is the GOAT of CS:GO
Emi is interesting, not 100% convinced on his strats though. Honestly, kRYSTAL should stop playing and get a coaching position.
jks to BIG
JDC and faveN to BIG please.
glave is a better AWPer than lucky, not even a meme. Kick Lucky and get another rifler or a decent AWPer
tiziaN is playing the shit spots with the shit guns, basically your sanji. Obviously it's not great to have him being bottom fragger but the thing is that he isn't even the bottom fragger a lot of the...
nitr0's Liquid return "close to a done deal" - Report
Nitr0 I understand, shox I can kind of understand but VINI? How did they even come up with that?
Fellow germans come
It's good, takes 1-3 days to deliver, you can pick which day and time you want your order to arrive. Works perfectly fine with frozen food too, since the trucks are cooled inside.
M0nesy overrated w huge ego
He says at 2:55 in your video and in the interview that b1t is great and that they would be an insane duo. What are you talking about?
haha GADE
What people don't see is XANTARES losing rounds due to being braindead sometimes. Sometimes he just decided to push on his own or disregard info and ends up dying. Sure, he makes up for it sometimes ...