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why ppl h8 draken?
Super inconsistent, it’s why he was dropped from nip and fnatic. I’ve never seen a guy play a map and destroy then on the next map miss ez shot after ez shot like draken.
Thorin "LOGIC"
Truth is hard to accept, but at least the cry is free. :D
(salt/rant) lower ranks are cancer smh
i didn't assume you were, i said if you are a silver. IF being the keyword there.
(salt/rant) lower ranks are cancer smh
If you’re a silver you should expect to play with other silvers.
Next Major to NA?
It goes to faze mens)))
what happen to g2??
Okay year and half, but with zywoo shox say “zywoo, Kenny, go kill” ez Major championship for g2
what happen to g2??
Idk if I say 5 great players, jackz is alright, lucky hella inconsistent, and Kenny has been in slump for a few weeks. -jackz +zywoo ez for French to return to kings.
K1to top 20?
Oh my bad, I forgot playing in the comfort of your home where there is no physical crowd watching is harder. Connection is the only challenge of playing online if it’s bad.
Steph Curry :(
+1 Klay better than steph and it isn’t even close, steph just gets a lot more touches.
K1to top 20?
Do it consistently on LAN against t1 teams then maybe top 20
toxic and arrogant pros?
0/8 list doesn’t include NBK
I will but he has to learn from those mistakes or he will end up costing his team big time. I get wanting to make a play or get info but generally it’s better to play passive, especially against a tea...
I watched the matches too, acting like his aggression is a good thing is stupid. Do you disregard that he threw inferno map because he was solo b pushing car and dying like a bot? Fallen is clearly be...
-29 is what that pure aggression gets him, they would’ve won inferno if he wasn’t so aggressive bannananana
I'm done defending Device
Dupreeh looks fed up I won’t be surprised if he leaves