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BLAST Premier World Final to take place without audience
Touch grass dude
fnatic first team to ever win 2 tournaments flawless?
100% of the ones they played
forsyy on Gambit: "I think for every team like us, they are an idol"
They don't seem to mind tbh, really healthy mindset to have, and makes me think they might have a chance with 0 pressure.
Who will G2 sign ?
The difference is there were french players on the team who spoke English, easier to learn from them. No Russian speakers on G2 as far as I'm aware
I will fix teams
Terrible English tho
G2 does not need a roster change
Yeah, a role so crucial they got second at the major?
Carried Liquid through qualifiers for the major and was doing most the heavy lifting for map control
If nip, faze and vitality advance
Well, that's because it was two underdogs in the finals. Imagine if the final was VP instead of immortals. Then it would be more exciting IMO
Your dream car
Maserati is so far behind the rest of the high-end sports cars it laughable. They have interiors that haven't been updated since 2009 and even though they just take engines from Ferrari they manage to...
Stewie2k appreciation thread
Sloth moment
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
Furia won a ton of shit this year, definitely deserve some top 20 spots
Spirit vs OG
Not really. Do you know what cut of the prize money is taken by the org? And keep in mind the stuff left over is split between many different people. At the end of the day its more about winning match...
Spirit vs OG
It's not about money. They get paid like 30k a month they don't NEED the money its just a bonus.