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Galkynysh vs AVANGAR
Actually shouldn't be allowed for WESG, they have a female tournament that runs alongside. I don't expect them to be consistent on any issue though, they are Chinese.
22yo never had gf
You've still got plenty of time to make the mistakes people do in high school relationships and recover - just put the best version of yourself out there, something will come.
SMASH vs HellRaisers
Ok guys it's time to remove crush - he has never been a good player. Honestly I'd recommend +JR and have nukkye go back to support.
Perhaps for now it feels that way, but your government has already given up control of your country. The arabs you've imported are projected to near a majority in Sweden on birthrates alone within you...
r8 Eminem's daughter
+1 Don't even know what she looks like from these photos. Could be 8/10 or 2/10
if you could ban 3 words
No banning words, but I'd consider expansion of libel laws..
Kreig fix
+1 you are correct
Did Epstein kill himself?
0/8 all sane people know the commies never admitted anything
Belle Delphine new video
Thumbnail says don't watch, I'm just gonna take that advice unironically
How to trigger Poland
irrelevant fact tho...
How to trigger Poland
How to trigger Poland
0/8 you show a single race start... Russel out-qualified Kubica at every single race this season and is commonly finishing an entire lap ahead of Kubica. Get your head out the sand
Palestinians life [18+]
Yeah I haven't read anything more stupid this week, +1
How to trigger Poland
Yep, he has to be one of the worst drivers on the grid. He is the only one out there who can't compete with his teammate.