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FURIA vs Bad News Bears
NV org doesn't deserve that team. U right about the others tho, but are they really worse than Ghost
Go1dShark vs Fantasy
Unluko men, post on reddit and maybe next major you will be able to play CN quali
FURIA vs Bad News Bears
BNB is the only NA team worse than Ghost/CoL that deserves an org rn.
Transgender team
-1 trans void their right to compete. It's natural law.
ViNCO vs Online Kingdom
You are illiterate. READ.
Spirit vs forZe
+2 rating +2 rating 100% KAST 100% KAST support with +6 You don't get a more perfect game. Love it as an iDISBALANCE fan, wondering where Forze went.
ViNCO vs Online Kingdom
And HLTV wants to cover the qualification games from the open qualifier, so they had to cover 4 games in CSA but only 2 in MENA. Is it really hard to understand?
ViNCO vs Online Kingdom
But you know why that is, right? It's because Starladder thinks they know 4 teams worth inviting in MENA for the closed qualifier. In CSA they didn't know which 4 teams to invite, so they invited none...
ViNCO vs Online Kingdom
-Qualifier with 12 teams, 8 make HLTV If you have a computer and live in CSA region, you should have entered.
mousesports vs Valiance
Is this seriously Mouz trying to take out G2 in the semis? I hope they lose. (looking at their reactions to losing easily)
MishMish vs Spotnet
Redstar for hire, gotta appreciate his attitude.
Windigo vs Valiance
Niko is budget hunter, don't @ me
Updraft vs 2990
The two best jap players are both awpers.
wrong. Count it.
Winner will got to ECS finals, even though this isn't a direct qualifier and there's one week more, the "money earned" qualifier basically has to go to whoever wins out of these 2 teams.