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Dignitas vs Sinners
It will be an interesting match and also a good way to test Sinners' potential. The next step after the victory should be Oskar against his entry organization Hellraisers. I hope the Sinners win after...
Sinners vs Project X
:D sad story for Project X fans which did bet :DDDDD
Sinners vs Poland
Yes, it really was, but nice match. And I´m not sad. They did perform pretty well & I saw true potential. After a few months of training they will easily reach the top 30 I think.
Sinners vs Poland
Yes yes, I know, they know each other long time. But we will see how they will handle it. ;-) I'll cheer like a beast. That would be the best motivation at the start of the period of this line-up. The...
Sinners vs Poland
We will see, I just add my prediction. It will be definitely a hot matchup. I'm so excited.
Sinners vs Poland
Guys, it's true, I'm a big fan of Oskar, but there is so shaky to pick the winner of this match. It's best of Polska vs best of Czech but our team has one disadvantage, that´s fresh member replacement...
G2 vs BIG
G2 is in good shape, but BIG can surprise a lot. When Syrson, K1to, Tabsen start in good mood that can be shaky for G2. 60:40 for G2
AMD 5 Ryzen temp
Im holding my R5 1600X in shitty airflow itx case around 60. Temp never hit over 63.
North vs Sprout
Jugi benched cause MSL is coming back ;-)
AVANGAR vs HellRaisers
I`ve hope that HR will fix isues and take that match 2:1 and finaly stab down Avangar . 😉
HellRaisers vs AVANGAR
That Will be interesting match to watch..😊 chances are pretty balanced.
BIG vs HellRaisers
Waiting for this match was like eternity for me. I realy wanted to see how will this work cuz. I Hope that will be shine and bright comeback for my boy Oscar to the Sky. He realy needs trew away preas...