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They did sleep on start ....if 1. Half did end 9:6 then Sinners win. Just shitty BO1 .
Sinners vs Izako Boars
Now you can see what i wrote earlier. 😉
Sinners vs Izako Boars
Too shaky to pick winner, because the Boars Are for Sinners their cryptonite. They choke against them few times. Even when they did win, we saw too much struggle in theyr performance. But i still beli...
Lyngby Vikings vs Sinners
:D this trust for Lingby :D strechi map but still winned GG Pappa Oskar :-)
Sinners vs TeamOne
Team One quite did Bite nicely against T1, they can surprise. But I hope Sinners will take it in 2-1 fashion.
GODSENT vs Sinners
GODSENT vs Sinners
According to the last match face to face, it will be a really interesting and close match. :-) Good odds to Sinners to shine.
Sinners vs HellRaisers
Sinners vs HellRaisers
K23 vs Movistar Riders
I'm so sorry my friend, but one player is not a game-changer. Important is chemistry in the line-up & also the opponent team & his play style. For Sinners is every match a tough opponent Izako Boars f...
K23 vs Movistar Riders
Probably K23 win, the main reason is the last two maps Head to Head, now with two new members in the line-up they are even stronger now.
K23 vs Movistar Riders
Maybe we missed the info that K23 did sign in Oskar as the stand-in :D
Movistar Riders vs Sinners
As I saw, the better team did win. Sinners stun them pretty bad. Congrats.
Movistar Riders vs Sinners
It will be a very interesting match, only sad thing is that it will be just BO1. The main matchup decider will be the map pick. :-)
Sinners vs Sangal
Ezy rank boost for Sinners!!