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gf broke up w me
Hey! I'm a bit like you bro! 1,5 years of relationship and she just start speaking whit "just a friend" and I saw that she wasn't into me anymore. So I just ask her about her feeling toward me and tow...
Vitality vs DreamEaters
Remember the game where they were throwing ?? This was their true level... what a shame... they got what they deserve
Vitality vs Syman
Ooow ooow owww calm down we speak German and French so pas attention to your speech ;)
Vitality vs Syman
Huuuummm 45 minute delay because of warmup? I mean they could just star to play 45 minutes before no?? And I think its more due to really bad organization
Vitality vs Syman
What the fuck they are doing ???
Aleksib tells his future plans
Ooh... okey you think he is toxic ?
Aleksib tells his future plans
Someone know why he was benched ??? I mean what was the problem ?
fnatic aleksib
Mange we will see some big change in org like ENCE, fnatic and Faze something like ENCE -aleksib +SunNy Faze -neo +aleksib -olofmeister(sadly for me) +coldzera Fnatic -I don’t really know who +o...
Aleksib ENCE
Oh okey... shit I was kinda loving the current ENCE roster... but I like FAZE to so a bad for a good
Aleksib ENCE
Aleksib is leaving? Where did you read that ?
I Rate your In-Game Nickname
nanovakiin but you can call me nano
Help (serious)
Oh I was there like 2 days ago zierikzee (something like that)
Delete 1 mistake
Do it. Really. If she want you back it will be a beautiful story and if everything is over you won’t blame you later. Do it ! Do it ! Do it ! Do it! It’s win win pass or crash but anything would be be...
+18 come Here
I’m actually not over 18 year old but i’ve seen what depression does, what suicide does... it was pretty intense ,sad and heartbreaking even if I wasn’t really related whit the person. So for the pers...