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Ariana Grande in your bed
I would put this beat up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNGAa0Gcm-g, smoke a spliff, and the rest You can color by Your own.
Dream Team
Than stop if You can't any more.
Notre Dame!!
You sure? I hope all of You Swede get burn by the refugee that You just typed there. Rest in peace.
Neo is creating smth from scratch. ONLY for new Polish talents, to let them learn from old boys, and get some experience. Nothing more than this.
Notre Dame!!
A piece of Human History in flames. Sad to see. I saw it few times (inside and outside) while being there. Outstanding for the ages when it was build. Paris won't be the same again.
Cheaters in Top 30
+1 add this one to your list https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EskjbNXbeic There is a lot of cheaters among "pro" players, the only problem is that they are "good friends". Nothing is going to happ...
MiBR against t20 teams = m17r MiBR on lan = 0-10
[POLL] Have you ever done drugs?
I used lot of different drugs, am not proud of it.( like everyday, home, work, bus, public bathroom, everywhere anytime.) I even have health issue due to this shit. I used to smoke weed, hash between...
Dream Team
lol, everyday same shit on that forum. You keep creating same teams, wtf. Go get a life.
Device > S1mple still
Team achievements doesn't rely on the individual ranking. Even if device would have 5000 majors and S1mple 0. He would be 1.
Kick one country from the EU
So here we are in the World of absurd. A Country, in which every fifth resident lost his life during World War II, which 1/5 of Nation lives outside the country and in which every third inhabitant is ...
A warning to all young smokers
Lier! It brings cancer tho
IGL options for FaZe