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Neymar out of the World Cup
You can dislike Neymar as a players, think he's a diver, overrated, etc, but please, show some respect. That guy has been fighting to make his dream come true for years and won't be able to do this...
WC semi finals
I'm really sad for Neymar. Not only me, but the I can tell you the country is shocked. Brazil may lose, but the players will fight till the last second and it'll be a tough match.
UEFA Champions League !! Who will be the first ?(your opinion)...
Arsenal Upcoming Stars
A non-popular map you wish was played competitively
-60ºC at Russia
Wish I lived in a cold country. It's 22:26 and 37ºC on my town.
TV series :)
Supernatural Two and a half men used to be good but now without Charlie it sucks.
swe, nor or netherlands ?
Do you speak swedish? Just curious
Chelsea vs Barcelona & Real Madrid vs Bayern Muinch
ESC Gaming vs SMAGA
Chelsea vs Barcelona & Real Madrid vs Bayern Muinch
Sadly I dont see Chelsea beating Barcelona now... :(
Chelsea vs Barcelona & Real Madrid vs Bayern Muinch As you probably wont understand anything, Neymar said that t...
Intelligent people
Newton for example had nothing better to do instead of watching an apple falling down, I highly doubt that if there was SK vs fnatic happening right there he would be watching an apple falling.
fnatic BIG - carn
:D show me your portuguese skills!