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1st day UPSETS
ye ik it's not an upset but I just wanted to trigger the baguettes
1st day UPSETS
Valience beats Liquid 4sure North fucks vitality
Hamood? Hamood
Hamood? Hamood
hamood habibi, but it's ninja
Best copypastas
Help GTR perform and have a chance to win a package for your team
Sources: Sonic out of Envy
Look how they massacred my boy.. Duude I miss Nv men(( stop with this shit team, put some money on the table and make Nv great again
Pakistan super power
they literally the same, only difference is that india has way too much people, hence more poverty.
Richard Lewis come here
I'm still conflicted about him dude, I like the journalist and the banter, but a lot of times he gets shit too seriously and cross the line, he's fucking 40 yet still as immature as a NA mdl player
Swedish teams reshuffle
fnc dead team, add Nawwk anywhere and it's instantly a top 8 team
Quality music thread
two feet men, great artist check him out
Quality music thread your tastes are shit
Nitr0 as an IGL
wtf axaxaxa I didn't read the post just the title
Paste your copy-paste
Help GTR perform and have a chance to win a package for your team
Nitr0 as an IGL
TL firepower is 2x stronger than liquid, gla1ve have insane midround calls, when u have the best and most experienced players in the world under your lead it would be an insult to micromanage them, wh...
nah fam asians are not attractive