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turks and kurds?
ikr - if you mix them you´ll get a turd. maybe thats why they dont like each other, dunno men))
[18+] r8 my escort i sexed with
6/10 - kinda masculine-looking face but i hope you had fun men how much you paid?
acknowledge armenian genocide before you talk about others "abusing" your 3rd world country and talking about terrorists killing your civilians. if turkey wouldn´t have a good, strategic location on ...
3D Mark - Timespy
thank men))
3D Mark - Timespy
[+18] Rio de Janeiro IRL
not even a tradekill .. obv gold novas on t-side
wich cpu/gpu
Got a Ryzen 5 3600 + Sapphire RX5700XT Nitro+ With M.2-SSD (maybe PCIE4.0 with X570-Board) and fast 16GB RAM (mind 3200 MHz DDR4) you will stick to your Budget and get good shit. Can recommend, PC is...
Russians come
R8 my PC
when you say so :D
Im happy :)
not helpful at all but good for you
Im happy :)
do you have a receipt for a good chinese soy-sauce? like a family receipt or smth? would love to try some myself. thank mens))
R8 my PC
bro, you need no PSU, you need better RAM to get the potential out of your CPU. Save the money you want to spend for the PSU and get yourself atleast 3000 MHz RAM .. its not that expensive.
skin betting
he wants to bet on csgo matches. any website?
nicht schlecht, Herr Specht
German, English and good amount of russian. how i learned russian you ask? well a few years ago i started learning it at "CS:GO" - i absolutely can recommend this "CS:GO" if you wanna learn russian l...