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polish cs is dead and it will be dead for a long time sadly.
Epsilon vs
sad seeing such a respectable org playin in shitty tier 3 tourneys but i guess this is the level of current roster vs FaZe
VP never liked playing vs teams which could aim strong, in this form this will be rape sadly vs Cloud9
it's quite ironic, VP never lost to C9 and now they probably lose in most important match, lyfe vs OpTic
so fucking intense, gg VP
.Norway vs Bpro
If they would win vs Norway, 3 teams would have 6 points, 3 way tie and no one knows which rules would apply then, but rn rip Bulgaria.
.Norway vs Bpro
inb4 Norway throws because of TaZ little roast in the interview and both teams are through :>
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
the thing is, team function where they play as a team, not as support for him fragging
0 drops
got 3 cobbles and 1 d2 - pretty nice i think. After 1st cobble i said that's enough and i want no more cuz its already a lot and then i got 2 more. vs fnatic
pasha movement godlike
Katowice pins
Charps - well known scammer
Katowice 2014 Holo placed..
ST AK Blue Lam with 4 holos: LDLC, NaVi, Clan Mystik, Vox
esl katowice, matches on main stage
Main stage is in Spodek Arena, i think only grand final in sunday will be played there, rest in Congress center (capacity 1,500 seats)
free month esea premium
looking for 1week/1month code, i'm offering 1 key, pm me
ESEA Casters
worst casters i have ever heard