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Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
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Yes, they don't even attend major because of blast. Lol they are only playing one tournament because of RFRSH. xaxaxaxa Astralis exposed xaxaxaxaxa I play a lot of Fortnite
Denmark vs Tottenham, wait how can Christian Eriksen play for both?
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Pirating since KaZaA
Tell me funny jokes
Insider knowledge from Nomad
Tell me funny jokes
Its allowed when mocking Swedes
Tell me funny jokes
Hvorfor bruger svenskerne snus? ­- Det er for at lugte ens fra begge ender Hvad er det bedste, der nogensinde er kommet fra Sverige? ­- En tom færge. Der sidder to mænd på en bænk i Helsingør. Den e...
stopped reading at (shes a model)
NATO is the greatest organisation ever known in human history
"moderate muslims"
No, when you go to live in Europe, in non-muslim countries, you leave your shit behind at home and you respect the traditions, culture and values of your new country. Or you don't come at all.
"moderate muslims"
Hahaha, except 3rd and 4th muslim immigrants are still more criminal and less educated than the native populations of Europe... but more importantly - they are still muslims. Even after so many genera...
"moderate muslims"
We wouldn't give a fuck about islam if it weren't present in our countries, but since you bring islam with you when you migrate to non-muslim countries, it became our duty to discuss it and say what w...
"moderate muslims"
Islam is much more than a religion - and this is the actual problem - and something completely different from Christianity, which is ONLY a religion. Islam wants us to do something it wants us to do i...
"moderate muslims"
They are still discriminating against all non-muslims, they are still indoctrinated to follow a set of rules from birth, they still let their lives be controlled by a book written centuries ago. Musl...
"moderate muslims"
I see you're a delusional boy trying to compare islam with christianity when its incomparable-
"moderate muslims"
Expected you wouldn't answer my comment, next step is for you to realize Islam is a mockery to humanity and understand why most Europeans don't like you.