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Betting on Astralis now? 25000 russki rubles = 392 usd
Betting on Astralis now?
Yes, i have on astralis 392$, gonna get 100$ more
GG 200$ on fnatic
Same here. I'm gonna buy a new house for my cat as the match ends.
Russ(land) = Totes(land) 👍
CIS come here
Actually it is :(
russian patriots
So you despise me for telling the truth? Just look through the window and see how fucked up everything is if you do not live in Moscow/Saints Petersburg. Also i don't remember saying anything that i h...
russian patriots
Moreover, some russians who were born in the late 70-80s want the communism to get back. We even have the Communist Party which is supported only by elderly people which i can't understand. The commun...
russian patriots
Russia is the richest country in natural resources but 99% of population live in poverty because of misallocation of resources and money. Is there is any city which can be compared to Moscow or Saints...
Ruskis in mm
*more but not the most
Ruskis in mm
In my experience my russian comrades use cheats the most than anyone else. So we've destroyed the competitiveness in cs in all its ways.
Ruskis in mm
I completely agree with him
russian patriots
The only patriots in russia are some elderly people who live in poverty and try to survive on 100$ per month. The only explanation i can provide is that those people were raised by brainwashed factory...
Depressed people of hltv come here
if everything was that simple :(
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thank mr. tagesschau