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For Danes :)
Odense is the 4th largest city as I recall. Living standards are difficult to explain as I need a comparison to really give you a good image. Although, some 8 years ago I had a mate that lived s...
rizc and anders
I will not judge the merit to your critisism, as this is subjective. But the manner of which you choose to inform us about it is completely off and will not bring anything fruitful with it. You hav...
5 best players in your country of all time
vicon trace zonic ave cozmoz Kinda hard actually. Depends on the roles. Sunde aught to be there - but alas, no room. Alongside a player like whimp. Then we have had a lot of rather untested pla...
Okay, well it looks surpringsly much as though it is b1ng0 from style of play, but hey, they are both quite reckless at times.
I was a manager for this guy i SoA. His nick is b1ng0 and he is the most entertaining guy in CS ever. He played in various lineups featuring ArcadioN and his brother wazorn. I have never seen movem...
Anexis vs eFuture
But why even bring that up, when nested rules aren't being used in other sports? I mean they didn't have the exact same amount of rounds, maybe their difference were the same, but the amount counts be...
Anexis vs eFuture
Not true. Because you don't drop counting fnatic. The rule is that in event of tie via points you go into a split between the tied teams. At least that is the normal way of doing it in sports. Here...
Anexis vs eFuture
This is plain wrong cartman. You do not drop counting fnatic due to them having a difference in roundscores. You are mixing up different set of rules here. Either you use the rule of best in rounds...
TyLoo vs OurStory
because it only has 250 spots, brilliant piece of planning