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na segunda hora ele respondeu a 2/5 DAS QUESTÕES RESTANTES. Assim sendo, visto que já respondeu a 2/3 na primeira hora, sobram 1/3 das questões. Desse 1/3 na segunda hora respondeu a 2/5, logo 1/3*2/5...
na primeira hora respondeu 2/3, sobra 1/3. na segunda hora respondeu 2/5 de 1/3=2/15. na terceira hora respondeu a 10 perguntas que faltavam = 1 - 2/3 - 2/15 = 1/5 => 50 perguntas no total. acertou 3/...
Got scammed/robbed on Steam and no idea how it happened...
Got scammed/robbed on Steam and no idea how it happened...
Hey guys, I got a FN usp-s kill confirmed (126€ on steam) and I want to buy either bowie knife crimson web FT or huntsman knife crimson web FT, where should I go??
how many gfs you had?
why my friend?
how many gfs you had?
1x 3 months 1x 8 months 1x 6 & 1/2 years and counting I'm 21 btw xDDD
Best Caster Duo?
Bht + Mucha
Join Fantasy 5 mins
https://www.hltv.org/fantasy/19/league/53710/join?secret=1BCE9C2457C5E6F233825652260FFADB join here aswell boyzz
https://www.hltv.org/fantasy/19/league/53710/join?secret=1BCE9C2457C5E6F233825652260FFADB join menzzz
TOP Steam Account for sale
Your chat binds
+1 Spammers think they are funny,, no. only its fun in twitch chat, not even in forums HLTV
I'll r8 your hltv nick name
do it (:
portugal come here
Why should you believe what you saw in the documentary as the truth?
portugal come here
One of the main investigator believes that the McCanns (or someone on their behalf) put Maddie's body in a coffin with another lady who was going to be cremated the next day, as they were very religio...